Vigors’s sunbird 

A beautiful bird! A blog for bird lovers (I stumbled upon it a few days back!)


Haiku duet

A collaboration with my sweet friend, Nandita — someone who’s been bestowed with such natural flair for poetry that it awes me. All verses were, somewhat, impromptu. It was a delightful experience, to be honest, and the genre we chose was desire

Now, before pasting the verses, I am dedicating this particular Haiku to the sweetest one with parakeets. 💕

Sunlight peeking through
The cracks of your beauteous heart;
A heaven on earth

So, here’re the verses. I am leaving the deciphering – of who wrote what – to the reader.

Flowers Blooming

My sun kissed gardens:
tulips bloom, butterflies dance,
waiting for the spring

Your deep musky scent
fill up all my senses like
I am consumed whole

Your honeyed whispers,
sending shivers down my spine,
rekindling passions

My subdued passion
burst from each and every pore
by your sweet caress

I was lost again,
heavy-hearted, gloomy, cold,
until you found me

Now that I found you
My verses have found meaning
Let us meld as one

Your rapturous allure
rousing my deepest desires —
An enchanting dream

My moonlit ballads
no longer lonesome with your
rhythm in my heart

These shimmering stars,
below which we shall dance again
to the song of love

My pulsating heart
waltzing insane to your love
Come let us dance now

Dancing Girl


Haibun: Such a moon

Beautiful – 

There is such a moon tonight, so bright in the gale-swept sky, where rags and tatters of cloud still hang, motionless, like wreckage after a storm, such a moon to light the first night of a year that stretches ahead, dark and mysterious as a windy night. Perhaps she curves her path so close to touch a chord, to play on the strings that tie us to the heavens. There, above our heads, bathed in light is beauty that exists despite us, not because of us. Perhaps […]

This one’s for she


“She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.” – Mark Twain

She’s her own She-rlock,
assuming, presuming,
surmising, theorizing;
but her conclusions amiss,
like always,
no matter how much I remind her.
Doesn’t she know,
a man has but one heart,
which I gave her
long, long ago?



Lewis Carroll’s curious square poem

The following is a curious “square poem” attributed to Lewis Carroll: I often wondered when I cursed, Often feared where I would be— Wondered where she’d yield her love, When I yield, so will she. I would her will be pitied! Cursed be love! She pitied me …

A sketch again

It’s been 6-7 years since I took an attempt at sketching a portrait. The sketch didn’t come out as per intention, but who cares! The post for today. 🙂

Camus Test Sketch