Summer downpours – Haiku


fresh summer downpours
~dusty tarmacs lie wiped clean,
~memory lanes, too

#Now the downpour is supposed to brighten up the mood of N, who got affected reading my last poem!

It’s funny how the music put times in perspective
Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it
Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far
Wherever you are


Slip away


my feet dipped cold in the scarlet pond
– placid in a poised tranquility,
with giant redwoods towering all around, and
my tiny dreams — half-sunken paper boats
bobbing lazily up and down,
upon silent waters,

lost in an aimless wander while I lie
cushioned against the hanging stars,
dangling in the air
like hopes hanging by burning threads,
about to crash down upon me,
and the ground seems to slip beneath,
undulating with the gentle rhythm of seas,
or of those same rocking paper boats,
while I try hugging it tight
– grasping at straws like a drifter sinking,
and the evening drips away in a slow trickle,
as slips my smile when I think of those pipe dreams
that I’d built around you:
these boats — they keep drifting apart,
away from me but never leaving me completely,
like drunken memories
that vanish 
in the few bitter sips of wine, 
but come knocking down upon your memory lanes
the next day when you are sober.

You never said anything before you left,
but you made me patient,
as I watched you slip away!


A spring morning – Haiku


wet vernal mornings –
windscreen wipers wipe away
pink cherry blossoms

#A Haiku to bring calm and serenity back!




Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me.
Stones and sticks break only skin, while words are ghosts that haunt me.
Slant and curved the word-swords fall, it pierces and sticks inside me.
Bats and bricks may ache through bones, but words can mortify me.
Pain from words has left its’ scar, on mind and hear that’s tender.
Cuts and bruises have not healed, it’s words that I remember. 

Just because a person is bubbly all over the WP, just because she have had a gentle and kind demeanor, and keeps laughing off all the inappropriate remarks hurled upon her, and just because you heard something about her doesn’t mean you create an imaginary worldview in your mind, and go on to disturb her. Makes me utterly disappointed in the few educated fellows here. I am glad that she finally did some perception-control here. Couldn’t stop re-blogging this for my fellow blogger and dear friend, Nandita. Such a kind-hearted soul she is, and I see such negativity propagated around her. Makes me utterly sad. Enough is enough, sometimes! Peace! Off I go again! Hats off to the haters!

I had gone private in attempts to maintain a dignified silence against – and stay away from – all the negativity that has been floating around. But I have no choice right now but to open up. Yesterday I posted something about the negative vibes and hatred I have been getting but I took the post down because it ended up being a battleground between my dearest friends and my haters.

Jealousy, I can understand but outright malice is unacceptable! Today, negativity skyrocketed with a blogger here by the name of Aruna crossing all lines of indecency and inappropriacy. I have no idea why she is so after me. I don’t even read her, let alone follow her. She has been hounding my close blogging friend with mails after mails, so much so that he had to block her and remove her. She went so far to “demand” that he “take down” my picture from his recent post. She posted on her site about me today, with the audacity to tag my site.

…. Continued


A re-blog – I’m a Poet, Don’t Fall in Love with Me*

If there is one person on WordPress who I would call a “true” poet, then this has to be her. She’s the only reason why my poetry has evolved so much over time (I am actually surprised that I am addressing myself as a poet! Lol!), and the only reason why I have continued doing blog posts that have poems in them. I have never ever re-blogged any piece of hers, I guess, because she is my master, but there should be at least one creation of hers adorning my blog. A true poet, yes, and I mean it. Cheers! To friendship, and to prasads! Lol!


I’m a poet, don’t fall in love with me
Every aspect of our conversation may find its way into my poetry
I may embarrass the hell out of you
But darling, don’t you see I’m really only immortalizing you

I’m a poet, don’t let me catch you with your dreams aloud
Every time you retire, you have no idea how I’m up and about 
I’m sitting by my spindle and wheel weaving you a new day 
In trying to give your hopes and dreams a shape so that they stay

Don’t fall in love with me, I’m a poet, I sharpen my paper swords 
If and when you hurt me, in said and unsaid words 
The easiest way I can release my agony into your moat
Find it sailing, pick it up and cremate my paper boats


via I’m a Poet, Don’t Fall in Love with Me* — A Tangle of Weeds

With this i go on a short vacation, off WP!

A re-blog – Love in the time of social media

A great poet – ESP. Do check out his other poems, too!

when love, emotions and such feelings
were still expressed by the betraying tender eyes
not with twitching fingers making random tinderly swipes
FA fell in love with FD at the first accounted sight
with all his heart, in abandon and seemingly no foresight
she too felt something in her reluctantly stir
her heart missed a few beats but recovering, the affair grew
an unannounced love without likes and comments except just two.

love stories fester
when the lovers run out of ideas
so here we introduce the boy
to the dad, furious that he was
promptly asked the girl to forget
he took her to a land far away
so that the boy couldn’t bring shame
or write poetry to her every other day
love now distant and restrained
resorted to exchange of words on the phone
but the phones meant for romantic talks
betrayed lovers and became suddenly smart
people started communicated with lols
announced everything from death to farts
time and tide wait for none –
offline, the lovers soon realized
while he scoffed at the idea
she picked up and got her timeline apprised
books of paper turned into books of faces
that came foraging into all human lives
a profile he must create he mused
her timeline though already had a million likes.

meeting after her return
saw love take a different turn
this was a mistake, she said,
your old ways I have no choice but to hash spurn
you know nothing about hashtags,
tweets or even basic selfies
I need someone presentable,
with following, one of the modern social guys
we must part ways sooner rather than a tweet later
for you don’t even know there exists
something called an instagram filter.

he left with a heavy heart
and heavier cryptic terms
making love he realised has moved from
unfastening to liking with buttons
but he toiled and when he thought
he was getting a hang of this new game
we let JU of the viral videos enter
one of twitterati with unsurpassed fame.

JU looks at her profile, the selfies and tweets
proposes with fanfare in every media before even he greets
friends, followers, solicitors, well wishers
ask what more does she need
the dad gets to hear about it
even in his customized news feed
so with an unsure heart and a blushing tag
she changes her relationship status
FA watches the update from his blooming account
and hits the like without much fuss.

resolving to make himself worthy
outdo JU but return when the famous has gone
unrequited love drives incessant passions
he soon became master of all social mansions
many a chat sites he visited, many he trolled
he learnt to have an opinion on everything
be it rabbits, guns, religious debates or whatever did unfold
with an unrivalled following many women he seduced
but every update from FD
roused his undying love, got his libido reduced.

meanwhile the married couple ruled the social sites
making people acknowledge their conjugal bliss even the wedding rites
the days started with breakfast pics and ended with night selfies
not finding the sought love FD though never tweeted the stifled cries
and one fortuitous day fighting his pet peeve JU fell from grace
got his accounts blocked, choked and was put of the race.

hearing about the demise FA came flying
not forgetting to post a feeling sad at the dying
proposed FD immediately that got rejected vehemently
years of waiting didn’t deter our determined lover
perseverance and persuasion
with the preceding hashes did make a mark
FD united with FA, love consummated
without tags or updates, in the dark
deactivating their accounts
both now floated in the river of oblivion
true love might have won but without a post
it doesn’t register in the grand social vision
love in the time of social media is not poetry
says PS winking at you, it’s just ESP having some fun.

via Love in the time of social media — ESP rambles…


A re-blog – Silent Struggle

“Some people bleed invisibly”
It’s not the case at all
When clearly
“It’s all in their heads”
I can’t understand how someone can say
Lying on their beds doing nothing at all
Don’t dare saying, they’re
Going through a lot
These people are
“going through a phase”
They’re not just
Trying hard to feel happy
They really are
You know
Annoying at times
Some people call them
Some call them
They are not
Worth spending time with
Some people are
I think
Too stubborn to come out of their pathetic lives
People consider them to be broken and who are
Spreading negativity around
They aren’t
Being grateful for this life.

Now read it backwards

via Silent Struggle — Uncertainty